Hear What Jim Chapman Communities’ 55 + Active Adult Customers Have To Say About Our Ranch Style Maintenance Free Atlanta Area Retirement Communities

Jim Chapman Communities takes tremendous pride in how we develop our communities, how we build each one of our homes and especially in the way in which we try to treat every homeowner with the respect and care that they deserve. In turn we value any feedback from our new homeowners on how their home is meeting their expectations, how they enjoy living in a Jim Chapman Community and how the staff at JCC has performed their duties.


Johns Creek


When we started looking for a new place to live in the Johns Creek area to be closer to our family, we looked at a lot of places. The last one we looked at was Brookhaven at Sugarloaf. We were impressed with it. Our daughter in-law said she saved the best for last, which she did.

She knew Jim Chapman Communities was going to build a new community in Johns Creek which is just a few minutes away from their house.

We like the exterior because of the brick and stone, and the interior because its so open. I know we will be enjoying our screened porch and bonus room over the garage.

We were able to visit the homes in Douglasville and East Cobb which was a big help for us.

The staff were all very helpful during the building of our home, which to us was a plus. When we had our final walk-through my husband asked me what i liked best about our new home. I told him I like it all. I know we will be very happy in our new home.

Everything you would ever need is close by, even Emory Hospital at Johns Creek is just a mile away. We know that anyone who sees the area will enjoy it as much as I know we are going to.

The Treaster’s

Maddie & Dick

Slater Mill


Living at the Haven has truly been a blessing in my life. The staff has been great in helping me get settled in my new home. As they say in the Wizard of Oz, there is no place like home. Especially if your home is the Haven.


Sandra Richards


After living at the Haven more than a year, I am happy and pleased that I am here. Jim Chapman and his staff have been exceptionally nice and have taken excellent care of me. As a widow, it is a blessing for me to live in senior adult gated community that takes care of maintenance and yard work.

Mary Reynolds


My husband passed away almost three years ago and I have lived in The Haven at Slater Mill for almost two years. When Tom was alive, Jim Chapman was working with our local officials and the community in an effort to develop this senior adult community. It became a reality and the timing was just perfect for me.

It is my pleasure to be a part of this community. Jim Chapman and his people have been very attentive and cooperative. It is my prayer that the economy will soon recover and we will soon have many more seniors to join us. It’s just great to enjoy life with our lovely pool and clubhouse and no maintenance or yard work to worry about.

Carol Kilgore


My name is Lorenzo, my wife and I have lived at the Haven at Slater Mill since March 2007. Prior to moving there my wife and I lived in what you might call our dream house. In October 2002 both of our lives were changed. After experiencing some complications after surgery, I was confined to a wheelchair. After this I was not able to really enjoy that dream house. You see, being in a wheelchair I could only live in the basement. After living that way for five years, we decided to look for another residence. We visited the Haven at Slater Mill. There was a lot of construction going on, which we considered a good thing, because it gave us a chance to make changes if necessary. With our new situation we would need to make sure we could live there. We had to see if the space was an open floorplan, if the doors were wide enough for my wheelchair, if bathrooms could be built for people with disabilities, in other words, was it accessible. We were very pleasantly pleased to see that the Haven at Slater Mill was fully accessible and met most if not all of the ADA requirements. In places where changes needed to be made, management was very receptive. My wife and I enjoy living at the Haven. Good neighbors that really take pride in their residence and are concerned about the neighborhood. Pot luck Friday’s, planned trips, a clubhouse with a pool, close to the mall, these are but a few things that really make living at the Haven a wonderful experience.



Our experience with Jim Chapman Communities, their builder and sales staff have far exceeded our expectations. The quality of construction of the Haven property is superior to other communities that we visited. They have gone out of their way in seeing that we are pleased with our new surroundings.

The experience of selling our existing home and purchasing the condo was a smooth transition.

In our meet and greet meetings management has kept us informed on all aspects of progress within our community. The Haven property is very convenient to all needs of senior adults and a most enjoyable place to live.

As many of us say, “This is not The Haven at Slater Mill, but THE HEAVEN AT SLATER MILL.”

Tom and Dot Richardson


My name is Virginia Vick and my friends call me Jean. I have lived in The Haven at Slater Mill since the latter part of 2006. I was one of the first homeowners here.

I moved here after the death of my husband, since I had no close neighbors a more secure location was needed. This neighborhood fit the bill because it’s completely fenced and gated.

One of the many great things about this development is its location. I am close to my doctors office and Well Star Douglas Hospital is only minutes away. I can go to Arbor Place Mall and never have to get on I-20. I am active at the Senior Center in Douglasville which also is conveniently located. They offer lots of different classes and just fun activities.

The staff at The Haven plan activities for the homeowners also. We have had several “Get to Know Your Neighbors” gatherings at our beautiful clubhouse. They offer game nights and pot luck’s and just so many fun times. You can choose to join in or not – the opportunity is there. I have used the clubhouse for a family baby shower and it is so open and spacious and accommodates a large group.

The people here are so nice. The Haven at Slater Mill is a wonderful home for me. I am sold on The Haven!

Jean Vick


Moving to this community was probably one of the best decisions we have made in a long time. After nearly 44 years in our home, it was a move we weighed very carefully. After looking several other places, we just fell in love with the location and features of these units. We love our neighbors and the fellowship we have enjoyed with pot luck dinners, game nights, trips, etc. The management group has always been responsive to our requests, and after just celebrating the anniversary of our first year here, we love the carefree lifestyle.

East Cobb


Dear Mr. Chapman,

We are finally getting out of some of the boxes and trying to get settled here at Brookhaven of East Cobb. This letter would have been on your desk weeks ago except for the usual stresses of getting moved out of the old house and into Brookhaven. We are extremely happy to be here. It is a beautiful house and a marvelous community. Every person we have met has been outstanding and very helpful; we full expect to develop many lasting friendships.

As with others our age, we were looking to “downsize” a bit; but definitely not to “downgrade”. After comparing other communities, we were excited and very impressed with Brookhaven. In quality and amenities it seemed head and shoulders above the rest. We should offer here a great compliment to your wonderful staff. Where do you find such excellent people? Neal Peterson and Carol Smith were the first people we met in looking at Brookhaven. They had the perfect attitude. Not at all aggressive or pushy, but full of professional knowledge and advice. That same pleasant relationship has progressed throughout our decision to purchase and move here. We think of them as our friends who have helped us over the usual problems of making such a life changing experience.

They helped in every aspect of our decision. There was advice and help in the important financial aspects of the purchase. How to finance the new house, how to sell the old house, who to call and what questions to ask. We could not believe how smoothly it all went. Every move exceeded our expectations and made it all happen so quickly and easily. Another point which we especially appreciated was what should always happen, but seldom does these days. When someone on your staff said they would take care of it; they took care of it! How new and different and how commendable.

Every day we find enjoyable features and “extras” which you designed into this house to make it more convenient and especially more beautiful. When our friends walk in their first word is always “wow!” It must be very obvious that we are one of the happiest homeowners in any of your communities, and we wanted you to know it. We express our very sincere thanks to you and all of your excellent staff for making this such a perfect home for us.


Bill Scott & Betty Davis


Dear Mr. Chapman,

October 5, 2008

Dear Neal,

I am writing to thank you for a very pleasant, friendly and professional experience during the entire process of purchasing my new home at Brookhaven at East Cobb. Everyone, you, Sean, Carol, the design team and all of those behind the scenes, have all gone the extra mile to see that things were and are done on time and to keep me happy, and I thank all of you for that.

The whole process, from the first visit, to negotiating my contract, introducing me to Brand Bank, punch lists, making design changes, etc. and finally closing have all been conducted in a most efficient and professional manner.

I look forward to many comfortable years here at Brookhaven at East Cobb.

Bruce Dodd


Hi Neal and Carol,

I would like to take this time to tell you and your company, how much I have enjoyed this buying experience.

January 3rd I lost my husband; during the first few weeks after James passed I had a friend from Ohio staying with me. I had told her about a new development not from my daughter’s home. She was excited to come look at Brookhaven…………NO! I told her not until I sell my home. She would not take no for the answer. We did come to see the beautiful models; I fell in love with the Westminster.

Neal and Carol you both were so very kind to me, friends and family members that I would bring with me almost every month when I would come down to look at my future home. July 26th, I decided to bring my daughter Theresa and my check book, to once again look at my future home. That day I put a deposit down on unit 104. Neal, you went over the necessary papers explaining every detail to my daughter and myself. About one week later I met with Heather Wood, who helped me select all the items I wanted for my home. I did two walk thru with your people, the last one was with Peter Greenwood from NewHome, Warranty Management. Before I knew it your team advised me, I was scheduled to close on September 11th, my move was on September 18th.

The day of the move and the day after Sean the Manager over the construction crews came over several times to help me with minor problems and to see that my new lighting fixture was hung over the dining room table correctly. Sean went to Home Depot to obtain more lighting line because my purchase was short.

I have bought SEVERAL homes over the years, but never have I had such service. Never have I been shown such kindness. I felt very, very special, I have told everyone (friend & family), if you are 55+ years of age. I recommend that you should come see my new home at Brookhaven of East Cobb.

I still have my home in Canton….still for sale, but I live in my new home at Brookhaven which I LOVE. I have new friends in your staff and I have great neighbors.

Thanks again Neal, Carol, Heather, Peter and Sean for all your kindness and for making my buy and move so easy.

Kitty Thompson

Gene and Marie Trull

Marie and I had been searching and looking for several years for a place to downsize to and could find nothing that we, mostly myself, deemed suitable to our needs. In fact, we had basically resigned ourselves to the fact that we would remain where we were and had not diligently searched for a year or so prior to October of 2007. We had taken a one day Saturday trip to the North Georgia mountains around late September 2007. We think that by “Divine Appointment” in returning home to East Cobb we got off I-575 at Bells Ferry Road rather than taking I-575 -75 on in home. Having watched this plot of land at Bells Ferry and Chastain Road for a year or so with a big sign “Church Coming Soon” we were totally shocked when we got to Chastain Road and saw what had transpired with the property… With my hesitation of moving, Marie could not believe that I did a right turn at the light, but I turned in just to take a quick look through. The sales office was in a trailer, the clubhouse and models were in the process of being completed, but Marie was interested enough to go in and ask for a brochure, then came back to the car to get me. That was the beginning of the end to our relocating to Brookhaven of East Cobb.

Neal Peterson was our first contact with Jim Chapman Communities and even with limited resources, samples, etc. in the trailer, was a very impressive and knowledgeable individual. This was the first 55 and up community that had really caught our eye. We met with Neal several times over the next couple weeks and with his assistance and input into the community and the selling of our house, and a step of faith, we signed a contract within a couple of weeks. Needless to say, I began to have second thoughts during the seven day grace period, but at the same time we believed this was meant to be for us.

Back to selling our current house, Neal explained to us their relationship with ERA Realty and more specifically a guy by the name of Dave Griffith whom we believe was a God send as was Neal. In the process Neal linked us up with Dave and we learned specifically the details of ERA’s six month buyout program. Dave listed our house in January and with the cold weather, etc. we basically had only curious lookers until spring began to open up. Around May 1st I received a call from a guy who identified himself as a Realtor and wanted to come out to view the house. With me thinking that he had an interested client, I learned that he was looking for himself and asked if he could come back and bring his wife. It so happened that Dave was to come out that night to meet with us and while Dave was there who knocks on the door but the other Realtor with his wife. I introduced he and Dave and sort of told Dave “he is yours”. Again, Marie and I believe “Divine Appointments”. We heard from Dave a couple days later, the buyer wanted to move in by the end of May. In negotiations through Dave and the buyer our house brought nearly the dollar of what Marie and I had set as a goal in order to advance to Brookhaven. Our unit at Brookhaven had a build out date of late June/ early July. However, through Neal, Jim Chapman Communities advised us they could have it completed and ready to move in by the end of May. Our home was completed and all transactions transpired and we moved in May 28th.

Neal and Carol you both were so very kind to me, friends and family members that I would bring with me almost every month when I would come down to look at my future home. July 26th, I decided to bring my daughter Theresa and my check book, to once again look at my future home. That day I put a deposit down on unit 104. Neal, you went over the necessary papers explaining every detail to my daughter and myself. About one week later I met with Heather Wood, who helped me select all the items I wanted for my home. I did two walk thru with your people, the last one was with Peter Greenwood from NewHome, Warranty Management. Before I knew it your team advised me, I was scheduled to close on September 11th, my move was on September 18th.

Thanks to Neal Peterson, Dave Griffith of ERA Realty and Jim Chapman Communities we are in and somewhat organized and loving our new home.

Gene and Marie Trull


September 21, 2008
Neal Peterson | Sales Agent | Brookhaven at East Cobb

Dear Neal,

Last week Kathi and I celebrated our 3rd month living in this gorgeous Jim Chapman Community here in Kennesaw, Georgia. I just want to let you know how happy we are that you talked us into it!!

Seriously, we are extremely pleased with our new condo, with the workmanship, attention to detail and with the customer service you provide. We’ve met a bunch of new friends here, and are really happy to be part of this community. We thank you very much for “bringing us in.”

I know you will continue to be successful, but if there is anything we can do please do not hesitate to ask. We can recommend you, Carol, Sean, and Jim Chapman without reservation.

Jim and Kathi McKnight


Our neighborhood, Chastain Lakes is a well established sub-division located in the western extreme of East Cobb. Our homeowners take great pride in maintaining a well cared for and family friendly environment. Naturally we were very concerned when we heard of the planned development adjacent to our neighborhood. It did not take long for our fears to be eased. The people at Jim Chapman Communities have been wonderful to work with. They have been very understanding of our concerns and have worked with us to alleviate any issues which troubled our neighborhood. We have been included in discussions and our opinions and suggestions were respected during on-going dialogue. We, the residents of Chastain Lakes, feel the value of our area has been enhanced and are very fortunate that Brookhaven of East Cobb is our neighbor.

Lanier Ridge



I have only lived here a few weeks, but I have enjoyed every minute of it. How nice it is not to have to take care of a yard full of leaves or trim trees and shrubs.

Your floorplan is great for an older person. In the past, I lived in a two-story house. Also the location is great for shopping. Grocery stores are so close. I’m looking forward to meeting new people yet to buy.

Gloria Roberts


Dear Mr. Chapman,

I apologize for not writing this letter sooner, but downsizing after so many years in a much larger house is quite a challenge. The move and getting “settled in” has consumed most of our time for the last two months. However, the move was well worth all of the effort.

We are very happy with our condo in Brookhaven at Lanier Ridge. When we decided to consider downsizing we were in quite a quandry as to what we really wanted and what we should be looking for but we were fairly certain that we wanted to be in a new “over 55” community. After looking at most of these projects in the general area that we wanted, we fell in love with Brookhaven at Lanier Ridge.

It has given us everything we thought we wanted. It has an exceptionally nice clubhouse and pool which provides a wonderful setting for social and recreational activities. The living areas are on one level. The lawn and exterior maintenance is done by someone else. The layout, design and quality of the units is fantastic. They are far superior to the others that we looked at. I am less than a mile from my office and less that three miles from major shopping, hospital and medical buildings. The management and staff are exceptionally friendly, competent and easy to work with. They all put the homeowner’s desires and needs first and make every effort to see that these are met. Regardless of how bizarre these might be, they perform with a smile. They did and continue to make us feel like this is the place that we want to live.

To be more specific, Joan is a jewel. We fell in love with her at our first visit and she has been our guardian angel, available to assist us at any time. Tammy is also exceptionally friendly and helpful. Having been in the Real Estate business for 30 years, I have met and worked with many builders. I don’t think that I have ever worked with one that is more friendly, knowledgeable and eager to satisfy the customer than Keith. Also the members of the corporate staff that we have met have all impressed us as being top caliber people and run a tight ship.

Thanks for deciding on this location for one of your award winning developments. We are very glad that we found it. We look forward to living happily here for many years.


Jim & Sally French


Dear Mr. Chapman

I want to thank you very much for your welcome letter to Brookhaven at Lanier Ridge. I am excited about moving into the community although it will be a few weeks before I complete the move.

I had to think long and hard about making the commitment to be the first homeowner in a new community. I am sure I do not have to tell you of the horror stories we all hear, of builders going bankrupt and homeowners left high and dry. I was apprehensive of buying so early into a new community, fear is a hard thing to overcome. If I had not seen the commitment of your staff and your financial commitment in completion of the clubhouse, honestly, I would not have made the purchase, but because of your staff and your financial commitment, I overcame my apprehension and that is how I came to be one of your homeowners.

I did a lot of reasearch and visits to other communities before I purchased at Brookhaven and without a doubt your community was the best choice for me. The location was the most excellent by far and although more costly then I originally wanted to spend, it was well worth the investment. I expect the value of my new home will only increase as the community builds out to completion. I hope now that a few of the homes are sold and soon to be occupied it will help other prospective homeowners overcome their apprehension and join me and Mr. & Mrs French as homeowners.

I do want to make note that it has been a pleasure to work with your staff in the community. Most notably Joan Wise has been a pleasure to work with and I consider her a friend. The construction manager Keith has also been very helpful and I continue to work with him to fix the few things that were not quite right at closing. The other sales associate Tammy (my original contact in your community) is also a pleasure to deal with and she was so friendly to me on my first visit, that I kept coming back.

Please pass along my sincere thanks to everyone in your company involved with Brookhaven at Lanier Ridge and I look forward to meeting you someday when you visit the area. Don’t hesitate to knock on my door when in the area as I am usually at home unless I am on a golf course.

Dave Vance



Hi Miss Debbie and Bill,

We miss hearing from you guys on a regular basis. These last several months have brought us all together quite nicely as friends and neighbors. Being new to this great city and state Duluth, Ga. has been such as big change for us. Thanks so for being in our corner, at all times to lend a knowledgeable hand, to guide us in the right direction, to encourage, or to just love us through the process.

This house has changed our lives completely. As our Pastor Starks has named his church, “Fresh Start New Beginning”, which totally applies to our family here at Brookhaven at Sugarloaf. Words cannot truly express how over whelmed we feel towards you guys. If ever we can be of any assistance to either of you, please just ask.


With God’s Blessings,

Bill & Gerri McILwain September 01, 2011


In response to Jim Chapman Communities Achievements at the 2008 Obie Awards:


Thanks for sharing this information; Deborah and I chose Jim Chapman Communities because we felt this was a great place to live and we have enjoyed and are proud of our community and the wonderful people here. Everything we expected from this community has overwhelmed us with satisfaction. If all of Jim Chapman’s Communities are like this one in its building achievement, there is no wonder why Jim Chapman Communities has received such an precious award .



Mr. Chapman,

First of all it was nice meeting you. I am very happy with my home in this very nice community. I want to thank you, Tom Olson and your staff for giving all of us a terrific Grand Opening Party in the Club House. Your staff did an outstanding job; well organized and very good food and drink. Great music as well. I would also like to point out several other people who have been very helpful and professional; Bruce, Karen & Mike. If you are in the area you have an open invitation to stop by my home.


We were among the first residents to move into Brookhaven at Sugarloaf and we have enjoyed watching the community develop and grow. In our search, we looked at many active adult communities around the Atlanta metro area. What was so appealing about Brookhaven at Sugarloaf was its close proximity to I-85, restaurants, shopping and to our families. A few, of the many aspects that we are enjoying about living at Brookhaven at Sugarloaf, are the single story floor plan, the professional, maintenance free landscaping, the pool and clubhouse with exercise equipment, events planned for the community by an activities director and making new friends.

A “hats off” goes to the Jim Chapman Communities who have been very open-minded and receptive to input from the “over 50” home owners.


I wanted to take a moment to follow-up with you and Jim Chapman in regard to my parents-in-law’s new home at your Brookhaven at Sugarloaf community. The entire sales force was kind, thoughtful and really followed up with John and Mary Bieberstein throughout this process. When issues came up, your team made every effort, in fact went beyond the call to handle each item and make them both feel special and appreciated.

Shortly after they closed on their new home, John tripped on an edge between the garage and driveway and had to be taken to the hospital. Good news is he is fine and doing well. Even better news was the way the Jim Chapman team rallied immediately to eliminate the problem for them. We notified your team immediately about the accident and potential trip hazard, and within days the problem was fixed.

To say the least, my in-laws were touched and impressed that even after they had closed, the Jim Chapman team rushed to help them and solve the problem. The Chapman’s commitment to exceeding people’s expectations wasn’t just talk, they really followed through for us. We would recommend the Chapman team to anyone who wants a truly exceptional building and buying experience.

Sterling At The Lake



Our experience with Jim Chapman Homes was an unexpected pleasure from the moment we decided to buy. They continued to work closely with us through the closing. I love driving into the community Jim Chapman is putting together and knowing that we are home.


This is the first home we have purchased where we were involved from the ground, up. The Field Project Manager is a genius. We truly appreciated the efficiency and professionalism that makes Keith a valuable asset to whomever needs his services. His job experience, work ethic, and ingenuity helped to personalize our space, as well as to circumvent any issues that could have been problematic during construction. Keith also made a number of recommendations during the building process that really made this home, ours. He was either onsite or immediately available to assist when we had questions, and he took care of business in a timely manner.


The architectural design of the house makes living and moving around in the house a delight. The house has an open airy feeling about it, and comfortably fits all we need or want to have access to. The outside of the house is quite charming and invites people to feel comfortable. The finishes are exceptional; and surprisingly, most of them were standard with the house (no huge upcharge). Jim Chapman really knew how to design a home that is elegant, easy to live in, and equally important, easy to care for.


The closing was so much easier than we have previously experienced when buying a home. Between the On-site Agent, our Agent, the lender, and the law firm that handles the closing, we again experienced the best customer service possible. The closing attorney was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. Closing was a seamless transition between dreaming about the house we would live in and actually being the homeowners.


I have friends who live in Sterling on the Lake. They have always spoken very highly of the community. Buying a home in this area puts me closer to work, my husband closer to the golf courses, and for both of us, a sense of peace. The community has wonderful amenities and wonderful walking paths that my dogs thoroughly enjoy. Jim Chapman Homes is a great addition to the community which seems to have something for everyone.


I would, and have recommended people to come here to buy. Prior to buying, we did our due diligence and checked out the surrounding area for other homes. Not only were we thrilled to be buying our home from Jim Chapman, but we loved the great value we received in the process. When comparing apples to apples, Jim Chapman provides a lot more.


We really have no issues that either have not been taken care of, or that were out of the control of Jim Chapman and Newland Properties. Buying a brand new home, on a brand new street comes with some growing pains that eventually get taken care of. The City has finally given us a street sign so people know where to find us. Who would have thought that would have made our day.


Just keep paying the folks you have, to do the things they do. It’s a great team. Thank you.

Lost Mountain


Making the decision to relocate from the Midwest was not easy. Even though my daughter and her family are nearby, the move meant many big changes all at once – new location, new home, new friends, new church, new community. When I visited The Haven at Lost Mountain and was shown this particular house, I felt at home right away. I really like the open floor plan and having both a dining room and an eat-in kitchen was important to me. Everything on one level makes it perfect for me now, and will accommodate any lifestyle changes in future years. The on-site sales agent and others on the Jim Chapman team have been great to work with, responsive to all my questions and patient during my decision making process. The community’s location is great! Everything I need is close by. I really feel comfortable here and look forward to getting to know my new neighbors.