Ensure You’re the Coolest Cat with These Summer Pet Care Tips

Posted on: April 22nd, 2024

Meow you doin’? It’s Blossom again, your feline friend at Ranch Cottages for Rent. Summer is just around the corner, which means lots of time in the sunshine! Looking to make the warmer months a breeze for you and your four-legged companions?

Here are some paw-some pet care tips this upcoming season:

More Water Please!

Blossom summer pet care tips for more water

The most important way to keep cats from overheating in warmer months is to provide an adequate water supply. If your furry friend is very active or spends a lot of time sunning by the window, ensure that hydration is always available. Got a picky drinker? Try offering running water to your feline friend or add a fountain waterer for the same effect. Every cat, including me, loves the fresh taste of running water, so give it a try during the next heat wave!

Choose Wet Food

Wet food boasts more than 60% water content, making it a hydrating choice for cats during the summer months. And it is yummy! Consider swapping your cat’s food from dry to wet food during the warmer months. You can also cool the food cans if your animal likes it, but room temperature and warmed foods do the job just as well. Don’t forget to choose ceramic or metal bowls since plastic retains heat.

Offer Shade

Blossom summer pet care tips for more shade

Do you know what I love more than toys and snacks? The big windows throughout my human friend’s Ranch Cottages for Rent home. It is the perfect place to observe without getting too warm. Set up a space for your pet to play and nap in the shade, whether that is in your bedroom or in their favorite sunny spot.

Inside or Outside?

While I love the sunshine, sometimes the days can get too warm for me! It’s crucial to ensure your cat stays protected during this part of the year. Temperatures above 100°F are too warm for us so keep a close eye on us to make sure we don’t escape and stay cool and protected indoors!

Stay On Top of Grooming

Blossom summer pet care tips for better grooming

Felines are self-grooming but sometimes we need a little assistance during hot conditions. Brushing your animal helps remove dead skin and leaves them cooler than before. Own a long-haired cat? Now is the time to give your pet a trim before the weather heats up. A simple trim will do to keep your pet cooled off this season.

Airflow is Key

This tip benefits you and your kitten! This season, make sure your cottage home’s temperature is cool enough for your feline friend. The Ranch Cottages for Rent team likes to crack the window slightly on hot days so that we can all get fresh air. You can also purchase portable fans to plug into other rooms of your home that need some extra airflow.

Cool Down with Damp Towels

Another great way to cool your cat down is to lay down damp towels near popular lounging spots. Sitting on the towel will cool your pet from below and offer soothing relief from the heat of the day. Other soft fabrics like t-shirts and bathmats work too! This is a great tip for the days when other resources are limited or unavailable.

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