Introducing: Blossom, Your Feline Ranch Cottages for Rent Confidante

Posted on: March 19th, 2024

The Ranch Cottages for Rent team has noticed that Dogwood looks a little lonely. Luckily, The Cat Distribution System was in full force that day and found me hiding in the bushes. The cat is officially out of the bag – or bush! It’s time to say hello and formally introduce myself.

My name is Blossom, and I can finally announce that I am the newest Ranch Cottages for Rent pet mascot and Dogwood’s newest pal. I’m here to provide a purr-fect perspective on life at The Cottages and help residents navigate the challenge of finding the ideal home, so you’ll be looking good and feline fine in your new cottage residence.

Named Blossom after my friends at Jim Chapman Construction Group found me hiding in a flowering bush, I’m excited to introduce myself to the Ranch Cottages for Rent family. My favorite activities are watching birds from the living room window and playing fetch with my green mouse toy. I also love meowing hello to my neighbors when they pass by!

Introducing Blossom, an orange tabby cat and newest virtual pet mascot for Ranch Cottages for Rent

Thanks to flexible floor plans and scratch-resistant vinyl plank flooring found in every Ranch Cottages for Rent home, I have a fun, stress-free life. If I forget to use my scratching post, my folks don’t mind because I won’t leave a mark behind. Each cottage home also comes equipped with the best spots to bask in the warm sun and large windows to watch Dogwood as he explores each community! 

During my short time at The Cottages, I’ve already put together a round-up of Ranch Cottages for Rent community features that are just the cat’s paw-jamas! The Cottages have everything, from five floor plan options perfect for daytime explorations and spacious rooms ideal for large cat towers to private patios ideal for spotting birds. I’m not kittening around when I say this is the best spot for you and your furry friend to unlock a new life.

I have to say goodbye for now but don’t worry. I’ll return soon to share my favorite parts of living at The Cottages and pet-friendly spots near your community, which are the cat’s meow. Don’t tell my human friends, but I will also show you the best ways to hide your toys in the walk-in closets. If you want to spot me sooner, don’t fur-get to drop some catnip, and I’ll be back in a jiffy!

Kick off a new life at The Cottages and bring your furry friends along for the ride at Ranch Cottages for Rent. See if you can spot me in the window and wave hello!

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